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"Tommy knows, and understands the Law, all the fancy words, and the piles of documents that come with them, as well as any lawyer out there...but what makes him different, is he truly understands (and believes in) what's right or wrong, what's fair, and how things could be a "positive" outcome for all involved. He has created many "bullet proof" deals for me, along with a life changing company merger, and continues to do it with the same passion, excitement, and (most important) FUN, he did when we first met 20 years ago. To this day...I'm still amazed when I get these great deals - and the other side still likes him."
-- Joe Brandmeier, Owner and Officer of Moving Pictures, Inc.

"Tom Wiese and his colleagues at the Wiese Law Studio, in partnership with John Larson and his staff at Brighthouse have handled my affairs, managed my career and dealt with all the intricacies of my professional life for over 5 years. Tom and the team at Wiese Law Studio have always supported me and my family every step of the way... strategically, legally, with vision and conscience. Most importantly, Tom and John worked with me to establish 1, 3 and 5 year plans that had measurable and achievable goals that took my professional aspirations and dreams and made them a reality while never letting me sacrifice my integrity or my reputation."
-- Andrew Zimmern, celebrity chef and host of the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods

"Wieselaw has provided invaluable counsel, strategic planning, representation and support to me in my work. How often do you find a partner that brings intelligence, creativity, integrity, business savvy, responsiveness, negotiation skills, and fun to the table? That's what Wieselaw has contributed to my work and career."
-- David Walsh, Ph.D. President and Founder of the National Institute on Media and the Family and best selling author

"Tom, I just want to express my gratitude again for always giving me good advice, handling my negotiations tactfully and getting good results. I feel lucky that you represent me."
-- Terry Gross, host of NPR & WHYY's nationally broadcast radio interview program Fresh Air

"Is it possible to love your attorney? Is it possible to enter negotiations knowing that you'll get the best outcome and so will your employers? Is it possible to maintain joy and integrity in the legal process? The answer is yes. I've been a client of Tom Wiese's for more than fifteen years, and I know the answer is yes."
-- Joan Steffend, host of HGTV's Decorating Cents

"Tom Wiese and Wieselaw have helped me plot my career for over a decade. Tom has helped me reach my goals both professionally and personally. He has an energy that is hard to describe, but always is a creative force that can help you succeed. Tom is a friend and someone I trust and will continue to work with."
-- Belinda Jensen, Minneapolis / St. Paul NBC Affiliate KARE 11 Chief Meteorologist

"A few years back, a mentor of mine asked me if I knew the difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer? Not waiting for my response, he told me that a good lawyer will tell you what not to do, a great lawyer will tell you how to do what you need to do with minimal risk. Tom and Kendra have always taken the latter approach and helped our firm accomplish what we need to from a business standpoint, while reducing our legal exposure. While I'm never thrilled about spending money on attorney's fees, this approach seems to me to be a pretty 'Wiese' investment."
-- James J. Jungbauer, President, Hollstadt & Associates, Inc.

"Tom and his team are Rock Stars!!! Over the last decade, WieseLaw Contract Studio has helped me create a successful business, media platform, and deal portfolio . . . while having fun!"
-- Chris Freytag, Nationally recognized Health & Fitness Coach

"I always look forward to engaging Wiese Law on a deal. They take what is often a contentious situation and actually make it enjoyable. More importantly, they are skilled negotiators who simplify complex concepts into common-sense issues, allowing for quicker resolution and agreement."
-- Vice President from a Top 5 Financial Institution

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