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Different clients. Unique mix of contracts.
That’s the art of WieseLaw Contract Studio.


Creating new possibilities requires new tools. Here we share a mix of powerful tools that shift perspectives to produce new opportunities. After you experiment with a few, let us know what you think.




It’s the inspiration for the artwork we share here and throughout our site: the way we partner with our clients to craft tailor-made approaches to add lasting value to the whole of their unique situations. Take a look. Consider how each metaphor might trigger new ways to structure your own deals.

The “W”
Bouncing and moving. Lively and active. Full of life. Full of possibility. Full of promise. This is your deal. It evolves toward greatness.
Focus Burst
Many deals exist in your life. The focal point at the moment? The deal we’re currently working on. Now.
The changeable nature of water. The flexible nature of the deal. It’s a constant. It’s a necessity. It is life.
See the rocks?  Weathered and sturdy and solid as earth?  Your deal is structured like that, too.  It carries strength.
One symbol.  In action.  Spinning.  Creating.   Generating Whole Value in so many ways.  All linked together by one constant:  You.
Like us, many people work well within limits.  This way we know how far we can stretch them.
Fun, energy, color, movement. Work, life, clarity, focus… and balance.
See the cube? The three-dimensional truth hiding right before your nose? Kind of like life sometimes, isn’t it?
Dancing Rings
Our lives are perforated, overlapping, an intricate dance between all that's currently in play.  The main requirement?  Flexibility.  No ifs, ands or buts.

Words we live by.
WieseLaw Contract Studio is committed to embedding these abundance-generating principles into every deal, every step of the way. Get a tingle reading them? Great!

Why > Benefits
Prosperity Happiness Empowerment
Who > Clients
Successful Open Minded Appreciation
What > Essence
Integrity Authentic Passion
How > Engine
Innovation Simplicity Holistic Wisdom

All of our clients’ portfolios have their own energy and unique character. And since we’re a Contract Studio, we were inspired to celebrate them in provocative, visual ways. Check them out in our always-evolving Gallery.

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