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Innovative Ideas lead to deals with Whole Value.

Creating new possibilities requires new tools. Here we share a mix of powerful tools that shift perspectives to produce new opportunities. After you experiment with a few, let us know what you think.




Here are a few guiding principles we hold near and dear - concepts that always lead to enhanced "whole value" for our clients.

Practicing contract law in an art. That's why we work in a studio environment.

Maps provide the most accurate picture of the landscape of a deal. That's why we use deal maps. Click here for an example of a deal map.

The World is driving towards Meritocracy.

Why are contracts important?

The Boaz Affirmation: Every Day I Play Like A CHAMPION!

Implementation: Deal Terms multiplied by Implementation = Level of Success

Better is Perfect.

And ≥ Or

Having a vision for every deal allows you to know where you should be headed, how best to get there, and when you've arrived. That's why we work with clients to make sure they have a clear vision for each deal.

"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates
"The unexamined deal is not worth doing." - Contract Studio

We believe, strategize, and execute based on A Contract's Whole Value.

If you negotiate great contracts (K's), you will increase the value of your business.

The Passion Wrapper
  Every deal should be wrapped in passion.
  Passion creates options
  Passion breaks through
  Passion sells

The Effective Negotiator’s Mindset
  Understands that it's a game and knows how to play it
  Asks questions and listens
  Works hard to be better prepared than his or her counterpart
  Executes a strategic vision toward clear desired outcomes
  Knows the players and their interests
  Flexibly adjusts his or her style to suit each deal and its players
  Remains objective
  Exudes confidence & optimism
  Perceives tactics (roles, verbal & visual clues, environment)
  Constantly evaluates changing leverage and interests
  Charges each deal with the power of abundant thinking
  Searches for advantages and creative win-win solutions
  Knows when to walk away from a bad deal

Saying “no” at the appropriate time may ultimately lead you to “yes” (or help you avoid a bad deal).

In every case, what brings success is knowing something other people don't know, and knowing how to use it to your advantage.

Simple, with an innovation chaser, is usually best.

Looking for ideas to help you negotiate when you find yourself in difficult circumstances?
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All of our clients’ portfolios have their own energy and unique character. And since we’re a Contract Studio, we were inspired to celebrate them in provocative, visual ways. Check them out in our always-evolving Gallery.

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