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Generating "Whole Value" that you'll
feel in all your deals.


Creating new possibilities requires new tools. Here we share a mix of powerful tools that shift perspectives to produce new opportunities. After you experiment with a few, let us know what you think.




We’re committed to helping people and their organizations achieve whole value in all their deals — maximum value, both short and long-term, strategic & financial, as well as personal.

With decades of collective experience in the intricacies of contract law and creative deal making, we’ve been able to engineer a holistic approach that allows us to deliver consistently excellent results. Our unique philosophy & authenticity, which finds expression through our powerful tools and services, is what makes all the difference.

To negotiate great deals, our approach honors the uniqueness of each deal, while weaving in what we’ve learned to be the essential common qualities of all great deals.

Here’s an overview of our methodology . . . one that we’re continually refining to incorporate the most innovative ideas in our space.

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Whole Value MethodologyAchieving success is serious business, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun doing it. Let's create whole value and have some fun!

All of our clients’ portfolios have their own energy and unique character. And since we’re a Contract Studio, we were inspired to celebrate them in provocative, visual ways. Check them out in our always-evolving Gallery.

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